Infrastructure Assessment

Infrastructure Assessment

When is the last time you thought about running updates to your overall IT Infrastructure? How has your current setup constricted your workflow? 

At Matson & Associates, we’ll go the full nine yards looking at your company’s IT structure and help you determine how it can be best improved for your company. We structure the IT around you, so your employees can focus on meeting the organization’s goals. 

Windows 11 Readiness

Microsoft announced that support for Windows 10 will end in October 2025. Considering that 80% of all desktops run Windows 10 it is something almost all companies will have to prepare for. Microsoft has announced many new requirements to run Windows 11. We can help upgrade your company to the latest version of Windows and prepare for the future.

Optimizing your network

Slow networks can often be caused by old hardware. We can help identify and replace those devices so you get the network speeds that you pay for!

  • Replacing old networking hardware with hardware suited for your business
  • Ensuring the cables that run your network are up to the task
  • Optimizing WiFi strength
  • Implementing WiFi 6

Preparing workstations for the future

TPM or trusted platform module will be required in the next iteration of Windows. We can help prepare systems to support TPM and replace devices that cannot do so.

The days or mechanical hard drives are numbered. SSDs are faster, cheaper and more secure. We can help identify and upgrade devices to the latest in storage technology.

Optimizing your future

A company is only as good as the hardware that runs it. In a world with an ever growing need for technology it is important for you to stay ahead of the curve! Identifying end of life hardware and replacing it will go a long way toward keeping your IT infrastructure running smoothly.

Checking all the boxes

The longer you wait for a hardware assessment the worse overall performance will get. At Arktech we can ensure that all systems are working smoothly in conjunction with a network free of bottlenecks.

How can we help you?

Dear Jonathan:

It occurs to me that it is long overdue that I thank you formally for everything you do for the Kent Good Times Dispatch, The Lions Club, Kent Affordable Housing and the myriad other ways in which you serve our community of Kent, Connecticut. For the KGTD, your brilliant creation of the interactive website and social media presence has put this venture on the map. Your contributions are unique and essential to the success of resurrecting the newspaper.

It is not just your tech skills and insights that distinguish you though, Jonathan, but also your commitment, verve and alacrity. You are always unfailingly eager to step into the breach and apply your talents and make a difference for all involved. Thank you.

Now you and I must make time for me to engage you in refreshing my professional website and social media accounts as you have done for so many of your clearly gratified commercial clients.

Wishing continued good fortune.

Charles Goldberg
Principal, The Pentucket Company, LLC

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