Cyber Security Assessment

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Dear Jonathan:

It occurs to me that it is long overdue that I thank you formally for everything you do for the Kent Good Times Dispatch, The Lions Club, Kent Affordable Housing and the myriad other ways in which you serve our community of Kent, Connecticut. For the KGTD, your brilliant creation of the interactive website and social media presence has put this venture on the map. Your contributions are unique and essential to the success of resurrecting the newspaper.

It is not just your tech skills and insights that distinguish you though, Jonathan, but also your commitment, verve and alacrity. You are always unfailingly eager to step into the breach and apply your talents and make a difference for all involved. Thank you.

Now you and I must make time for me to engage you in refreshing my professional website and social media accounts as you have done for so many of your clearly gratified commercial clients.

Wishing continued good fortune.

Charles Goldberg
Principal, The Pentucket Company, LLC

Cybersecurity is increasingly important in the 21st century, especially with a sharp uptick in ransomware and breaches happening daily. Here at Matson & Associates, we offer a comprehensive assessment of your entire IT infrastructure, focusing on making sure all the security protocols have been followed. We will ensure your network is as safe and protected as possible. Out of all our services, this assessment is of utmost importance – primarily to help keep your business running without worry of online threats, and also to prevent needing to recover from a full-force attack. 

To put this importance in perspective, our assessment costs $5,000/$10,000 (depending on company size), though the recovery from even one attack could cost tens, or even hundreds, of thousands of dollars. This would come from the costs related to data recovery, the time cost of employees not working with systems offline, and even potentially the need to mail out letters to each customer stating how their personal data was leaked. Would you rather be pro-active and protected, or wait around and remain on-edge for the next upcoming breach?

What we do

Firewall Rules

We ensure that firewalls are actively blocking threats rather than letting them in.

Employee training seminars

We will educate your employees how to stay safe from common threats.

Ensure safe practices

We will suggest the most secure way to accomplish what your company sets out to do.

Keeping systems secure

We will verify that the systems you are using are safe and secure.

Strategic & tactical planning

Our programs will allow you to:

  • Have the peace of mind that your company is safe from common threats
  • Have plans in place for what to do in the event of a breach
  • Have employees that are aware of how to keep your company secure

Strategy development

Physical security is just as if not more important than Cybersecurity, as such we will ensure that your network is safe physically as well. Things such as passwords left on sticky notes or leaving employees access to your server can have devastating effects. We will aim to ensure both are as secure as possible. Finally we will ensure that all employees are aware and understand the best practices to stay safe.

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