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Infrastructure Assessment

We integrate your business strategy with the most cost-effective solutions to improve your outreach, efficiency, and productivity.

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Cyber Security Assessment

Cybersecurity is increasingly important in the 21st century, especially with a sharp uptick in ransomware and breaches happening daily.

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Data Backup & Recovery

Backing up your data is like paying for car insurance. You hope you never have to use it, but when disaster strikes, you can have peace of mind that your data is safe and recoverable.

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Web Services

Having an online presence is the most important part of discoverability. Choose to make your business a leader with all of the industry-standard features, availability, and security requirements of a modern website.

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Employee Training Seminars

One of the weakest links concerning cybersecurity is often employees, who cannot reliably differentiate social engineering attacks from legitimate businesses.

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Dear Jonathan:

It occurs to me that it is long overdue that I thank you formally for everything you do for the Kent Good Times Dispatch, The Lions Club, Kent Affordable Housing and the myriad other ways in which you serve our community of Kent, Connecticut. For the KGTD, your brilliant creation of the interactive website and social media presence has put this venture on the map. Your contributions are unique and essential to the success of resurrecting the newspaper.

It is not just your tech skills and insights that distinguish you though, Jonathan, but also your commitment, verve and alacrity. You are always unfailingly eager to step into the breach and apply your talents and make a difference for all involved. Thank you.

Now you and I must make time for me to engage you in refreshing my professional website and social media accounts as you have done for so many of your clearly gratified commercial clients.

Wishing continued good fortune.

Charles Goldberg
Principal, The Pentucket Company, LLC